Authorised Dealer

 If you want to join world ‘s first branded Real gems company of loose gems stone, then company welcomes you as Business owner, it means Authorised Dealer , If you have capacity to invest some money in the field of gemstone , you are most welcomed. You can open a branded outlet on your own city and sell the company’s product on company ‘s M.R.P. , which is displayed on our website (First time in India). All the product have their Authenticity Report with them. So it is very easy to sell to the user . Every and each product has their online display of price (M.R.P.) too . This is the world’s First Company of Real Gems which gives you the product on 20 to 30 days approval basis. The company will give you maximum discounted rate for each gems but you can sell it on M.R.P. , which is displayed online. After all , if you fail to do business with us then you can Return or Exchange the goods in specific given time limit and you can get your money back of these return goods. After all there is no risk only gain.