Business Development Officers

Business Development Officer (B.D.O.) – The person here by referred to as business development officer will be directly appointed by the company for a particular state. The company will have all the rights to appoint more than one business development officer in a state as per company interest. Business development officer will be accountable for a particular state and will have freedom to operate anywhere within the state. He/she shall be deemed responsible to cooperate and work closely with the D.Os in his/her territory. He/she will be completely liable of ensuring smooth operation of D.Os within his/her state. Additionally, in case of arise of any disputes he/she should be available physically and as required or even on a phone call of D.O. Business development officer will be fully answerable to company for his/her work done.

 If you join us as a B.D.O., then the company will provide you some amount of sample goods(Real gems) and you will have to give the undated cheque  for the value of sample goods. You can sell the goods directly or keep it as sample goods to show other investors or users. The caliber of our products and the simplicity of our business plan meant that anyone who wanted to could improve their quality of life. You can recruits other or make your own  team to sell the product of the company. You can recurits other as D.O as a Dealer or as a Distributor.
If you are working in an Insurence sector or you are ex-worker of Insurence sector then Business Development officers would be best option for you.Without leaving your own services, you can join us any time