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Gems or Ratan in Hindi is a synonym for “being best in class”. The word GEM is hence used as an adjective e.g.- Bharat Ratan, Desh Ratan etc. There are in total 9 precious gemstones and 84 semi-precious gemstones widely used for astrological purposes. These occur naturally inside earth and are found in different countries in various parts of the world.

Navratan or 9 Precious Gemstones : Introduction, Importance and Impact

  • 1. Ruby (Manak) : It is a gemstone of planet SUN. Ruby is soft, bright, has a fine shape, cut, resilience and is RED in color. It is known to be beneficial in diseases like TB, weakness in body, impotency, reproduction problems, fearfulness etc. The wearer of this gemstone gets name, fame, reputation and good confidence along with bravery.
  • 2. Pearl (Moti) : It is a gemstone of planet Moon. It comes in many colors such as white, light yellow, pink, blue and black color. However pearl in white color is widely prevalent. The wearer of pearl get rids of blocked and sinful mind. This gemstone provides mental peace and keeps mind calm and cool.
  • 3. Coral (Moonga) : Astrologically planet Mars is the ruler of Coral. It is usually red, sinduri, orange and white in color. It gives energy to heart and body. It is beneficial in curing problems like low blood pressure, spleen and heart diseases. It imparts “bravery” to the wearer & is extremely helpful for people who are fearful in facing interviews as well as in communicating with higher officials.
  • 4. Emerald (Panna) : Emerald is a gemstone of planet Mercury. It is green in color and is soft and supple. Wherever this gemstone is there it increases money and food grains, memory power, removes ghost obstacles, snake fears and imparts competent children. Mercury is a planet of trade and commerce and so this gemstone is popular amongst businessman as it gives progress in business. Also it is known to reduce labor pains and eases child delivery of a pregnant woman.
  • 5. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) : It is a gemstone of planet Jupiter. Pukhraj as it is popularly called as, is bright, soft, solid gemstone and is yellow in color. If there is a delay in a girl's marriage then wearing yellow sapphire helps in getting deserving groom for her rapidly. Also it is helpful for people in service since it is known to bring easy promotion.
  • 6. Diamond (Heera): It is an expensive gemstone. It is a gemstone of planet Venus or Shukra. It is found in many colors such as white, light blue, light brown, black etc. If a person is weak in romance, is not able to give sexual satisfaction to the partner, that individual should wear Diamond. It is beneficial in providing strength, improved potency and increased sexual desires.
  • 7. Blue Sapphire (Neelam) : It is a gemstone of planet Saturn or Shani. Neelam is soft, sparkling, transparent stone and is blue in color. If a person is running a bad period of Shani's sadesati then that person may wear Neelam for betterment. It is known to give benefits in diseases like eye defects, madness, coughing, vomiting, blood defects, fever etc.
  • 8.Hessonite (Gomed) : It is believed to be the gemstone of RAHU mainly. It is bright, soft and is brownish in color. It is found to be favorable for progress in areas like law, administrative works, politics etc. Also it is beneficial for people involved in horse racing, lottery and similar works.
  • 9. Cat's Eye (Lehsuniya) – It is a gemstone of node Ketu. It appears like a Cat's eye in visibility and so the name Cat's eye. It is found in yellow, green and white colors. It is said to be helpful in getting rid of diseases like, diabetes, gonorrhea, arthritis, blood vomiting etc. It should be tested before wearing.